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Sr. John St. Clair - Braddock's defeat

>From The Great Events by Famous Historians Author: Charles F. Stone (pub
1907) vol. 13 , pg 177-179

Quotes a letter from Governor Dinwiddie to Earl of Halifax, dated July 23,
1755 describing the events at Braddock's defeat.  I won't slap the whole
thing up here, I'd be typing forever, however, it does have one mention of
Sr. John St. Clair included below.

     "The General was wounded in the shoulder and breast, of which he died
three days after; his two aids-de-      camp were both wounded, but are in a
fair way of recovery; Colo. Burton and Sr. John St. Clair are also
wounded and I hope will get over it; Sir Peter Halket, with many other brave
officers, were killed in the field. It     is supposed that we had three
hundred or more killed; about that number we brought off wounded, and it is
conjectured (I believe with much truth) that two-thirds of both received
their shot from our own cowardly                 Regulars, who gathered
themselves into a body, contrary to orders, ten or twelve deep, would then
level, fire     and shoot down the men before them."

 I did some searching and found several references online to this letter, as
well as a letter from George Washington to his mother, Mary, also discussing
the events at Braddock's, which may shed some light to the nature of the
quote previously mentioned in the thread about Sr. John.  I used the google
search engine to find the George Washington letter, as well as the Dinwiddie
Interesting read!

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