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Re: Rosslyn Castle

>It holds about six comfortably.  The
> plumbing is
> primitive.  The kitchen is the size of a small ship's galley.    The
> furniture is basic.
> It is self-catering.
> There are no local amenities (take everything with you as if you were
> embarking on an African
> safari).  The scenery is limited to the other side of the gorge
> Good hunting.
> Niven

Good Lord Niven, You've just described my castle.
However, this is south Texas here, we have a serious lack of gorge's... we
do have bayou's, however I doubt they smell the same as a gorge in the dead
heat of summer. Pardon the dead Pun. We do have a rather fascinating view of
a highway overpass at which my dogs bark at continuously.  I don't charge to
visit this St. Clair castle to fellow family, so you are welcome at any
time. I do suggest you follow the kindly issued advice above if you wish to
visit us comfortably.

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