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More St. Clair's

Our cup runeth over. Looking through the paper I find another St. Clair
making headlines in women's basketball besides Lauren St. Clair at Stanford.

Michele St. Clair plays on the California State University at Sacramento
women's basketball team. In a losing effort, Michele St. Clair scored 28
points to lead all scorers in this difficult loss to Montana State.

Michele is also from Pennsylvania. I am wondering if she and Lauren are
related. Also, which St. Clair family claims them. There are 3 St. Clair
families listed in the membership of Clan Sinclair. They are: Harold L., of
Chambersberg; Richard L., of Finelyville; and, Timothy J. of Lancaster.

Guess I will have to contact Stanford and see if I can get an address for
Lauren and then mail some questions.
Gary D.