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Re: Sinclair Dates

>Dear John,
>    Can you tell us more about Bangulpere, E.I.?

Well, E.I. is East India.  Like his brother William Waters Sinclair, he
was an officer in the British Army in India, otherwise known as the Raj.
(I tell this to all my politically correct friends to provoke a shudder.)

As to where Bangulpere is, I have never been able to determine.
There's no such city name in any atlas I've ever seen.

My best guess is that it's a mistranscription of Bangalore,
the southern Indian city nowadays known for the Indian Institute
of Science, which is the MIT of India, and as the Silicon Valley
of India.

We do have a few artifacts that have been passed down from D.W. Sinclair
in the family, but none of them provide much more information.

W.W. Sinclair died in Goemally, India, which is another place that
doesn't appear in any atlas.  They were both from Thurso, as was
their younger brother B.W. Sinclair, who was my great-great-grandfather.



>>    [1]Tomorrow: February 8
>>    In 1848: D.W. Sinclair d., David Waters Sinclair, MD died, Bangulpere,
>>    E.I.
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