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In response Bob Branshaw and Gary D Sinclair and Ivan D. Lancaster:

    I did not publish the details of the reunion for 2 reasons:

1.  I did not know whether or not this topic was proper for the List
since it was not an open invitation to the reunion.

2.  I am only a distant cousin of the family that plans & conducts the
reunion and not sure of there wishes in this regard.

 The question in my message was to find out if any of those folks
conducting the reunion were on the list.  So far, I have heard nothing
regarding that so I must presume that none of them are on it.

Therefore, since there is interest in the details and I have received no
indication to the contrary,
here are the details as I have them.  Remember, this is not my party,
but if it was, I would invite you all to come.  And I am sure that any
of you living in the area and would want to drop by on Sunday and look
me up I would be pleased to meet you.

The 10th Biennial reunion, originally called the Bertram St. Clair
reunion (I'm pretty sure) in memory of Bertram St. Clair, the father of
the children who started the reunion is held biannually.. Planning  and
conducting the reunion is done by various members of the family who
volunteer to do so at each meeting.   The children of Bertram numbered
11.  The reunion this year is to be held in Salem, IL - with a wiener
roast at the home of one of the sisters in the evening of the 26th with
reunion activities the next day at the Marion County Fairground Exhibit

Excerpts from the mailout of the planning couple:
1.  Saturday May 26 - After you get settled at your hotel please join us
for a weiner roast at Ed and Alice Ward's house for some family fun and
food anytime from 5-8pm.
2. Sunday, May 27th - Dinner will be served from 1-2pm.  Don't forget
your auction items!        Who knows, maybe you will win the door prize
for the most creative item.  There will be lots  of outdoor activities
and games for all ages
3.   Monday, May 28th - Stop by Denny's for a cup of coffee and a final

Return Of The Jars

We loved the mystery jars so much we thought we'd bring them back
again.  But this time we are going to add some new flavor.  Here's the
deal.  We want you to use your imagination and fill your jar with either
items related to your state/region or your own personal interests or
hobbies.  To make it even more fun, wrap it up so that the contents are
not visible and then put a little card on the outside with a little hint
as to your jar's theme.  Don't forget to put a little note inside so
we'll know whose jar it is and the meaning behind its contents.

We think this will really be a fun way to learn more about each other
and the places we live.
Here are some examples: - Wisconsin is known for cheddar,  St. Louis for
the Arch,  San Francisco for the 49er's and Idaho for potatoes.

As far as hobbies go, if you like to sew you could fill it with sewing
items or a craft you made;  if you are an avid photographer you could
fill your jar with some of your favorite photos.  Better yet,  fill your
jar with a few of your favorite things.

OK!  enough freebies - put your thinking cap on and surprise us.  We're
all so diverse we shouldn't have two duplicate jars.  By the way, it
doesn't have to be an actual jar - any wrapped container will do.  If
you have any ideas for the reunion that you think we'd all enjoy, drop
us a line or E-mail us at the following addresses:
[End of quote][The jars mentioned above are auctioned to raise the funds
needed for the next reunion]

By the way - Denny St. Clair (mentioned above) is one of the site
administers of the St. Clair family website 'MyFamily.com'.

 I have a chart of St. Clair descendants from  Daniel St. Clair (born in
Scotland in 1759; came to America at age 12 in 1771);  my info indicates
that Daniel had nine (9) children.  I and  the reunion people are
descended from one of Daniel's sons. It would be exciting if we stumbled
across any of the living descendants of any of the other brothers or

A bit about myself:  I was born and grew up in Olean, New York, retired
from the US Navy after 20 years service and now live in Nova Scotia in a
little place called 'Lower Economy'.
The Donna Willis that pops up on the List occasionally is my niece, my
only brother's eldest daughter.

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