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DNA study

At lunch today, my eyes finally focused on  the cover of U.S. News January
19th that has laid here before my nose a couple of days.   The cover says:

"Tracing Your Genetic Roots"   DNA mapping is unraveling the mystery of
Human origins.

There are 8 pages on the subject and these items jumped out at me:
 ".....Jews, Finns, Sardinians, and Basques are among other groups with
small founding populations that also have highly distinctive genetic
pedigrees.  By contrast, most people of European origin are so genetically
mixed that it's impossible to tell German from Frenchman, Bosnian from
Serb."   (I'm 1/2 Finnish)

and   ".....women with Scottish ancestry are predisposed to one form of
breast cancer."
and "5% of the people in America are sending Father's Day cards to the wrong
guy."   ( and thus it was Rollo's offspring)

This study reveals just a tiny slice of family history because only one out
of four great-grandfathers is represented on the Y, for instance, and only
one great grandmother in the mitochondrial DNA.


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