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Re: Fw: St. Clair

At 09:10 31/01/01 -0800, you wrote:
Dear Cousins,
     Can anyone help this person with his family search?  Since they kept
the St. Clair spelling, it might be that they are of the Rosslyn branch???

> Hello Laurel
> Here is all the information i have .
> My great grandfather's name was John Archibald St.Clair
> , Minister of Melville Parish .
> my great grandmother was Margaret Frances Ross .
> My grandfather was John Even St.Clair born 1884 April
> 8
> in 10 Castle Place Montrose . At age 15 he Joined WW1
> and came to South Africa . He stayed here under a
> false name , David Edward Muir and married a Rosina
> Louisa .
> He had 2 other brothers Melville St.Clair and Sidney
> Francis St.Clair . Who stayed in Scottland .
> So thats how we became Muir you see .
> Well if you can tell me more it  would be great .
> I would like to know what had happend to my great
> grandfather and the rest of his sons .
> Thank you
> Donald Muir

Dear Donald,

Suggest you contact David Mitchell e-mail mitch@pixie.co.za or Mark Anderson
andwhit@iafrica.com both of whom live in South Africa and have strong Sinclair

Niven Sinclair

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