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Fw: serendipity

These two windows must be really something to behold!  I believe it is a
Catholic church.  And now we learn of a Templar park  close to the Minnesota
border about 70 miles east of Sioux Falls, S.D and roughly 130 miles N NE
of Council Bluffs as the crow flies.

> Hi Laurel - glad my stories were of interest.  I am just a little worried
> tho.  It almost sounds like you/they think that the Templars gave the
> windows.  These are 4 different windows, 2 from the Templars and 2 from
> McKunes.  The Templar windows have huge knights in armor.  Their surcoats
> are white with the red cross which I seem to remember is a symbol from the
> Crusades.
My Grandfather Rosch was active in
> the Masons.  Every summer they went to Templar Park which is near Lake
> Okoboji, (Iowa)took Mom and her brother.  I was up there this summer, the
> lake, one of a chain, is the largest fresh water lake in the US and still
> very popular vacation site.  (now wait a minute--what Happened to Lake
Superior???)Templar Park is still there but is now
> privately owned, very high priced, homes.  I think there is still a hotel.

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