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Well....you never know when something interesting is going to pop up before
your very eyes!!  How can people get bored???

This from a Council Bluffs, IA  researcher:  (I know it would be helpful to
our readers around the world if we always add the State or Province these
towns are in.)

"  We have two stained glass windows in our church given by
the Ivanhoe Commandry, Knights Templar back in about 1886 when the original
church was built.  A couple years ago I got interested in tracing the people
who had given the windows and those in whose memory they were given.  I
couldn't imagine why the Knights Templar would give us these two huge
beautiful windows.  Turned out that our pastor was a member of the Ivanhoe
Commandry and one of our leading parishioners was a founding member of the
The most interesting window of all was given in memory of Dr.
A. B. McKune.  It turns out he was shot and killed on a downtown Council
Bluffs street by a fellow physician.  Dr Cross was cross <pun intended>
because he had treated a dying woman who told him that Dr. McK had botched
her abortion.  Dr. C. took Dr. McK to court at which point it was revealed
that the dying woman had recovered - of her delirium tremiums  and that the
whole story was a result of her drunken mind.
 Dr. McK was cleared,
according to the newspaper, "by the citizens of this town as well as by the
courts".   Yes, I'm talking about 1885 not 1985.  Nothing new in the world
is there?  An interesting, to me, side line on this story is that we got a
request at the gene library about a month ago asking us to see what we could
find about Dr. A. B. McKune, the writer's great uncle, who family history
told him had been murdered in C.B.!

Keep your eyes wide open,

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