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Re: A WARNING a Virus in your PORRIDGE.

Humm,  I also have Hubbard ancestry, the root name going back perhaps even to Abu Hubba a chieftain in Asia.  But there was this  Hubba/Ubba  the Viking who in the fall of 866 with an immense fleet and brother Hingua landed in East Anglia or Kent to avenge the foul death of the "old Boar" (their father, Ragnar Lodbrog/Regner Lodbrok/Ragnar of the "Shaggy Brogues"--love these names) by Aella, the last independent king of Northumbria.  Ragnar had been put into a cage of snakes "and devoured" (hummm).  (was Rollo's mother, Ragnhild somehow related to Ragnar?)
 The following year, having gathered resources and corrupting locals against  king Osbert of Northumbria  who was perhaps co-ruler with Aella.  Soon Osbert, who was also facing King Kenneth Macalpins raids into Lothian, was deposed making Aella the only king for a few months.  But when Hubba and Hingua appeared, Osbert and Aella joined forces to attack the Viking stronghold.  But the brothers defeated the attack killed Osbert and captured Aella.  They the "piglings" revenged their father boar by inflicting the Danish "at risa Oern" punishment of dividing the ribs, drawing the lungs through the opening and pouring salt upon them.  Later they terribly torchered King Edward the Martyr of England and killed him.
It is said that Ragner, the "Reafan", (raven) had a battle flag woven in one noon-tide by the hands of his 3 daughters.  Could one of those daughters be Ragnhilda who married Rognvald and were parents of Rollo?
  But don't jump to conclusions too early, probably few of the people named Hubbard or Hubbel were descendants of the Viking.  Their name sprung from being associated with a town of that name.  Because a stone had been set up to commemorate Hubba "Hubba Stone " with Hubba Stone Priory closeby and towns named Huberston or Hubbaston.  There were 7 hills named after Hubba at various places in England and thus came the name Hubb'll or Hubbell for people comming from there, ie. John of Hubbardston. 
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Subject: A WARNING a Virus in your PORRIDGE.

To all porridge eaters you are in for a treat !!!!!
 Scotland is being invaded,  yes invaded by HUBBARDS  of New Zealand, cereal manufactures armed with PORRIDGE. Yes Porridge with a Berry flavouring, your breakfast will never be the same.  The Oats are from Australia, the berry fruit from New Zealand making it an Anzac assault, it is going on the market this week in Scotland.     This is not an advertisement for Hubbard's but I could not resist  a comment, porridge is after all a national ancestral food giving strength.
Be ready for the invasion.