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Re: Money Pit in Indian Oceon

I am reminded that in "The Darien Disaster" by John Prebble pg. 213, there
is a reference to Madagascar Pirates that financed two rich merchants of NY,
Stephen Delancey and Thomas Wenham.
and pg. 312: Thomas and Robert Drummond left Scotland with two ships loaded
with cargo sent to Africa in hopes of recouping some of the Darien Colony
"They lay at anchor off the Madagascar coast some months later, loaded with
slaves bought by the cargoes the Directors had hoped would be exchanged for
ivory, gold and spices.  When they had sold the slaves, the Drummonds
caroused with the pirates to whom the island was a refuge and a buccaneering
republic.  One of them, John Bowen from Bermuda, persuaded Robert Drummond
to lend him the Scots ships for a raid on homeward Indiamen, offering the
loot in his own ship as payment.  Although Drummond later withdrew from the
agreement, Bowen sailed with the ships when the brothers were ashore.  One
ship was lost by fire on the Malabar Coast and Bowen scuttled the other in
favour of a merchantman he had taken.  Neither of the Drummonds thought it
wise to inform the Compay of the peculiar disposal of its ships, and no more
was ever heard ot these hard and resolute brothers."

Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2001 6:13 PM
Subject: Money Pit in Indian Oceon

> An article in the Life section of today's USA Today titled "Archaeologist
> dive into a pirate's paradise" reminds me of the Money Pit on Oak Island.
> According to the article, a  scientific expedition has found tunnels on
> Madagascar's "Pirate Island"  that appear to be similar to those connected

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