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Re: Burns' Night - 25th January


      I will enjoy a Burns weekend curling with a dinner on Sat. night
at the Plainfeild Curling Club in Plainfeild, New Jersey. For those who
do not know what Curling is go to www.njcurling.org for more info.

Tapadh leibh

 From this evening onwards up to next weekend Scots and those of Scots 
descent and affiliation throughout the world will gather for a "Burns 
Supper", eat Haggis, recite poems and sing the odd song, and toast the 
"Immortal Memory" with a drop of the finest (mine's still Old Pulteney from 
Wick).  I have posted a new page to our website, linked from the home page 
as a "new" item dedicated to Robert Burns with an embedded PowerPoint show 
(*.pps), "Recipe for a Burns' Supper", and some links to Burns sites on the 

Have a happy Burns Night!

Yours aye



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