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Fw: Norman French

Sorry I made a typo 'avvepte' should of course be 'accepte' in first a).
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From: Malcolm Caithness <chief@clansinclair.org>
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Sent: Friday, January 19, 2001 2:27 PM
Subject: Norman French

> Niven, earlier this week, reminded us that Norman French is still used in
> the British Parliament.
> It is spoken by the Clerk of the Parliaments at Royal Assent by
> The title of the Bill is read out and the Clerk says:
> a) for a supply bill "La Reyne remercie ses bon sujets, avvepte leur
> benevolenc, et ainsi le veult".
> b) for each other public or private bill and Measure "La Reyne le veult".
> c) for a personal bill "Soit fait comme il est desire".
> Each time a bill is sent from one House to the other it is endorseed by
> Clerk of that House with the appropriate formula as follows:
> a) Lords bill sent to Commons "Soit baille aux Communes".
> b) Lords bill agreed by the Commons without amendment "A ceste Bille les
> Communes sont assentus".
> c) Lords bill agreed by the Commons with amendments "A ceste Bille avecque
> des Amendemens (or avecque une Amendement) les Communes sont assentus".
> d) Commons amendments to Lords bill agreed to with amendments "A ceste
> Amendememt (or ces Amendements) avecque une Amendement (or ces
> les Seigneurs sont assentus.
> e) Disagreement with the Commons "Ceste Bille est remise aux Communes
> avecque des Raisons (or une Raison).
> f) Commons Bill sent to Lords "Soit baille aux Seigneurs".
> g) Commons Bill returned with amendments "A ceste Bille avecque des
> Amendements (or une Amendement) les Seigneurs sont assentus".
> h) Supply Bill returnes to the Commons pending Royal Assent by Commission
> ceste Bille les Seigneurs sont assentus".
> Malcolm Caithness

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