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Norman French

Niven, earlier this week, reminded us that Norman French is still used in
the British Parliament.

It is spoken by the Clerk of the Parliaments at Royal Assent by Commission.
The title of the Bill is read out and the Clerk says:

a) for a supply bill "La Reyne remercie ses bon sujets, avvepte leur
benevolenc, et ainsi le veult".
b) for each other public or private bill and Measure "La Reyne le veult".
c) for a personal bill "Soit fait comme il est desire".

Each time a bill is sent from one House to the other it is endorseed by the
Clerk of that House with the appropriate formula as follows:

a) Lords bill sent to Commons "Soit baille aux Communes".
b) Lords bill agreed by the Commons without amendment "A ceste Bille les
Communes sont assentus".
c) Lords bill agreed by the Commons with amendments "A ceste Bille avecque
des Amendemens (or avecque une Amendement) les Communes sont assentus".
d) Commons amendments to Lords bill agreed to with amendments "A ceste
Amendememt (or ces Amendements) avecque une Amendement (or ces Amendements)
les Seigneurs sont assentus.
e) Disagreement with the Commons "Ceste Bille est remise aux Communes
avecque des Raisons (or une Raison).
f) Commons Bill sent to Lords "Soit baille aux Seigneurs".
g) Commons Bill returned with amendments "A ceste Bille avecque des
Amendements (or une Amendement) les Seigneurs sont assentus".
h) Supply Bill returnes to the Commons pending Royal Assent by Commission "A
ceste Bille les Seigneurs sont assentus".

Malcolm Caithness

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