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Re: Arthur St. Clair

At 20:08 15/01/01 -0800, you wrote:
What I meant was that St. Clairs living in Scotland a few generations after William the Seemly, might have moved to England and been the ancestors of Gen. Gage. 

Everything is possible but it is highly unlikely.  As intermarriages between certain families was
very very common, it is more likely that the 'connection' was re-enforced by subsequent marriages
between the Gages and the Sinclairs within England.

Communication between France and Scotland was more frequent than between England and
Scotland  because the two countries were in a constant state of war with France being on
Scotland's side.

The real movement South only began after the Union of the Crowns (1603) when the two countries
were united under James VI - "the wisest fool in Christendom" and that movement was largely
amongst the professional classes who saw richer pickings in London.