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Rededication of St Matthew/Rosslyn?

On my visit to the chapel 3 weeks ago, I noted that the Virgin with
child held the central position in the church, above the main altar.
Though a Victorian addition, one could wonder whether it was merely the
reinstature of a similar statue that had been smashed during the
Reformation. Anyone know what was there originally?

The situation is that there was a St Matthew’s Church in existence when
Rosslyn was built. In fact, it was in there that William St Clair had
his first marriage annulled, and later reinstated, I believe.

Is there any evidence AT ALL that there would be 2 churches next to each
dedicated to the same Saint? I mean: ANYWHERE?
Also, there is suggestive evidence that the Chapel was rededicated, some
believe because of a crime that occurred in the chapel, which is then
linked with the crime of the murdered apprentice. But a rededication
might also have occurred because originally, the church was dedicated to
a different Saint.

A likely scenario, though currently lacking in evidence, is the
William St Clair builds his chapel to be dedicated to Saint X (and Notre
Dame is, as we have discussed, a likely person).
His son is completing the building and does not want to put up with
maintaining two churches next to each other, the new one, and the St
Matthew one. (note that it is a mystery WHY the St Matthew was
abandoned. Some believe it had already fallen apart or close to, and
hence the Chapel was built. But this seems unlikely as the builder felt
it safe enough to have his marriage there.)

So the son feels that he should stop maintaining the St Matthew one and
rededicate the new one to that Saint.
This scenario explains a few items: the mysterious rededication, the
loss of the original church, etc.

William and wife travelled to France a lot. And the library at Rosslyn
suggests contacts with France also. Perhaps William became inspired by
the French cathedrals and built Rosslyn.


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