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Re: Arthur St. Clair

At 15:40 13/01/01 -0800, you wrote:
I have down that Gen. Arthur St. Clair was a cousin to Gen. Gage.  Is that
right?  Was that a first cousin?  If so is there a Sinclair connection to
Gen. Gage?

The Sinclairs of Aldham, Igtham, Burstow, etc i.e. of Kent, Sussex
and Hampshire.

The Sinclairs invariably failed to leave male heirs and that is why there are
so few of that name left in England.  For example, Thomas Sinclair of the
Manor of Stene died on 6th May, 1435, aged only 34. leaving his extensive
properties and possessions to his three daughters, namely:

        Elizabeth who married (1) William Lovel (2) Richard Lewknor

        Edith married Sir Richard Harcourt

        Eleanor who married Sir John GAGE, ancestor of the Viscounts Gage
                who quarter the St Clair arms and still retain the ancient Court
                Rolls of Heighton St Clare.
                A descendant, Thomas Gage accompanied Braddock's
                ill-fated expedition against Duguesque (1755) and became
                Military Commander of Montreal in 1760.
                From 1763 to 1772 he was Commander-in-Chief of the
                British Forces in America and, in 1774, became Governor
                of Massachusetts.
                In April 1755 he sent a force to seize arms from the
                colonists at Concord and, next day, the skirmish at
                Lexington took place which began the American Revolution.
                After the Battle of Bunker Hill he was relieved by William
                Howe (5th Viscount Howe) who had (earlier) served with
                Wolfe at Louisburg.  Howe shared the failure at Valley
                Forge with Major-General Arthur St Clair and was, in turn,
                relieved by Major General Sir Henry Clinton who was the son
                George  Clinton, Governor of Newfoundland and, afterwards, of
                New York.
Therefore, it will be seen that the Generals Gage and Sinclair were related
but somewhat distantly. 

Niven Sinclair

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