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Ritual Murder of a Sinclair

The following article which appeared in the Sunday Post (A Scottish newspaper)
has been forwarded to me by the Orcadian archivist, Phil Astley, through the
Shetland Archivist, Brian Smith, who wonders (somewhat cheekily) if I may 
have been

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Subject: Fw: "Scot in Ritual Death Mystery"
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Dear Niven
Do you have anything to do with this?!
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Subject: "Scot in Ritual Death Mystery"

 >  -
 > The headline of yesterday's Sunday Post runs "Scot in Ritual Death
 > Mystery" and concerns an Alisdair Rosslyn Sinclair (good name!) who
 > bears more than a passing resemblance to Richard Branson, the well
 > known railway enthusiast.
 > Anyway, Mr. Sinclair was originally from Arran and made a 5 day visit
 > to Israel in 1988 - he ws arrested as he tried to leave the country
 > and died in police custody (allegedly having hanged himself). When
 > his body was returned to Scotland for an autopsy it was found that
 > his heart was missing!
 > The article goes onto postulate that Mr. Sinclair was murdered
 > because of his bloodline..."He may not have realised it, but he was
 > one of the leading members of the Knights Templar hierarchy".
 > A spokesman for the Knights Templar is quoted as saying "We are
 > currently involved in an attempt to remove control of the holy sites
 > of Jerusalem from the Israeli government. We believe they should be
 > administered by the UN and are working with the UN and Nato to
 > achieve this goal"

The goal is a laudable one and might solve the Arab/Israeli stalemate.

Niven Sinclair

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