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Re: Trip to UK

Belinda, While touring Roslin and Edinburg, I would recommend staying at the Roslin Glen Hotel. ph. 0131 4402029 or E-mail roslinglen@aol.com. You can walk to the chaple and castle from there. It is about a 20 min. drive to Edinburgh, or you can catch the bus, as it stops just a few doors away from the hotel. As far as Caithness, I believe accomodations are now available at Noss Head. If not I would recommed the Bilbster House about a 5 min. drive from Wick ph. 01955-621212. This a country estate once owned by Alexander Sinclair, now a B&B owned by Ian Stewart and family. The Wick Heritage Centre is a must see.
Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis)
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