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Another Margaret story

On the night that St. Margaret was to be cannonized, there was a party at
Dunfermline in celebration.  John de Strivelin, the head of a squad of
English military engineers, was there among the celebrants with another
cause to be joyous about.
    His men had recently finished building a high bulwark of stones and turf
in the Loch Leven River that caused flooding to begin around a fortress on
an island in the Loch.  That fortress castle was held by Alan de Vipont's
men.  Little did de Strivelin guess that some of de Vipont's men had
sucessfully undermined the dam with picks and crowbars. And while de
Strivelin celebrated, his men sleeping in camp were drowning instead.  And
the seige was lifted.
   From Scottish Banner.

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