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Interesting picture

	Hi all,
	Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. :)

	Spirit One:
	I did email Gordon back in November but never did hear anything back...(or
maybe I lost the email?).
	I'll try again...

	Now the picture.
	I found this link in another NG listing that I belong to (an Orkney
rootsweb list). I'll cut and paste it for you.

	--- cut ---
I'm hoping that someone will recognize the style or type of dress that
appears in an old b&w family photograph.  Is it military related?  Is
the tartan identifiable?  I am quite sure the person in the photo has
ties to Orkney or Caithness.  The photo probably dates to roughly
1860-70 judging by the furniture.  The man may be Angus Sinclair, about
whom I literally know nothing except that he was "a soldier" (so says
his son's civil registration marriage certificate) and that his son
Peter was living in Washington, Durham, Eng. (he was a slag man at a
blast furnace) when he married in 1874.  The marriage took place in
Edinburgh to a woman who was living in Dunnet, Caithness, at the time.
How that came about is still a mystery to me!  The couple settled first
in Dunnet, then Kirkwall.  The son was born about 1852, so he could also
be the man in the photo.  Angus is referred to as deceased on the
marriage certificate.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here's the link:

Doug Sinclair
	--- paste ---

I'm not really sure if Doug is a member here or not, if you are Doug...sorry
for the X-Post!

Take care,

Jeff Inkster
Toronto, ON, Canada

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