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Scottish Banner articles

Things of interest perhaps in the January Scottish Banner

Movement underway to publicize Robert Burns and make him as popular as
Shakespeare.  Also don't forget that if you live in a large city, there
might be a Robert Burns Night/dinner on January 25th or that weekend.
Contact someone and go.  Usually Haggis and dancing.

Article about Prince Henry Sinclair by Susan M. Sinclair Green Grady,

A very detailed description to make Haggis.
"A Douglas Testament" by Nigel Tranter.   Long article that keys in on the
will of Sir James Douglas of Dalkeith and Morton, nephew and heir of Sir
William Douglas, the famus Knight of Liddesdale.  This will gives evidence
that the people of 1390 indeed possessed considerable libraries.

Life in Scotland under George II-1727+
Small article on Madona's wedding at Dornoch.

History of Doves, Dovecotes in Scotland
What is the rest of the story about Robert, 22 year old son of Patrick ,
Earl of Orkney who was executed in 1615 after defending kirkwall castle
against the government troops?

Witch hunting resumed in 1662 when Charles II took the throne.  That day 13
accussed were detained.


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