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Juli Anderson & Auchindrain, Scotland

Juli Anderson,

Juli, I have lost your e-mail address, but recall that you were very 
interested in my photographs of Auchindrain, Argyll, Scotland, where your 
Sinclair ancestors lived in the 1700s and 1800s.

I have recently been contacted by Edward Lollis who  has been researching 
the history of Auchindrain and is in the process of constructing a new web 
site devoted to that subject.  He told me that he is working with the 
Auchindrain museum curator, academics in Edinburgh and Aberdeen, the 
Friends of Auchindrain, and the editor of the journal of Clan Campbell to 
"create more interest in the place and in the museum."

Edward asked if I knew of other people interested in Auchindrain, so you 
(and others with such interests) might want to visit his web site at
and e-mail him at "Edward W. Lollis" <GeoVis@erols.com>

Richard Huseth

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