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Re: Australian war graves cemeteries in France

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Subject: Re: Australian war graves cemeteries in France

He is also now on www.clansinclairusa.org  "history" --3rd column "Combat 1812-2000"
Here from Encyclopedia:
After July 18, 1918, the Allied offensive never stopped until the armistice.  On August 8, the Allies led by Canadian and Australian troops, attacked the Germans fiercely at Amiens.  A Canadian corps advanced 14,000 yards in one of the war's deepest advances made in a single day.  On August 16, the Germans began retreating to the Siegfried Line.  Ludendorff described this battle as "the Black Day" in the history of the German army.  In September, the Allies swept toward Saint Mihiel and the Meuse-Argonne region.  American soldiers took over a large portion of the battle line, and helped break through the fortified Siegfried Line.  About 1,200,000 Americans fought in the Battle of Meuse-Argonne.  About one of every ten was killed or wounded.
I will update the site late tonight.
Sergeant John Mitchell Sinclair, 10th Btn. Killed in action 30th July 1918 Aged 24. Son of James Hugh and Helena Sinclair, Grange, South Australia.
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