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Re: Three Wise Men

on 09/01/01 18:20, Margaret Stokes at milamba@optushome.com.au wrote:

>> On the contrary, Armageddon would have ensued.
>> We deceive ourselves if we perceive women as being peacemakers.
>> Niven Sinclair
> Basically you deceive yourself if you view ANY one group as the
> personification of any particular quality, be it peacemaking, warmongering
> or otherwise.
> Milamba.

For some mythological reason, VENUS (the planet of love) is feminine
(woman), and MARS (the planet of war) is masculine (man).  Times change. But
love remains. All thing considered, we desperately need both together to
make this litle planet survive our 20th century post-industrial mess.  Let's
just not start another war of names and attributes based on gender. Love is
the key, peace just like war is simply evil and has no gender.

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