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Re: Australian war graves cemeteries in France

Buried there, also is:
Sergeant John Mitchell Sinclair, 10th Btn. Killed in action 30th July 1918 Aged 24. Son of James Hugh and Helena Sinclair, Grange, South Australia.
(That one belongs to me)
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On 1/10/01 at 6:18 AM Annie wrote:
I stopped to look at 2 Australian war graves cemeteries near Amiens, France and found three Sinclair boys who didn't make it home during world war 1. I was very impressed to see the condition that the two sites were in. They are still beautifully maintained by the commonwealth war graves commission some eighty years after the war. Do any of these boys belong to you??
Australian war graves Cemetery
On the land in which this cemetery stands is a free gift to the French people who perpetual resting place of those of the allied armies who fell in the war of 1914 - 1918
In this Cemetery is buried:
Corporal R Sinclair No 111137 5th tank Supply coy Tank Corps. Killed in action 8th Aug 1918 Aged 22. Son of Mrs Mary Sinclair of 44 high St, Inverkeithing, Fife.
Private Thomas Menzies Sinclair 124431 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles Quebec Reg. Killed 17th September 1916 Aged 29. Son of James and Margaret Sinclair of Kincardine, Ontario, Canada.
Adelaide Cemetery:
Act Bmdr Stanley Stuart Sinclair 3778 3rd AFA Bde, Australian field artillery. Killed in action 8th Aug 1918. Aged 28. Son of Edward Stuart Sinclair and Jessie Sinclair of 5 St Leonard's rd, Ascotvale, Victoria, Australia. Native of Australia.
Their name liveth for evermore