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Re: Wise Men

on 06/01/01 03:13, Spirit One Email at laurel@spiritone.com wrote:

I think we should not confuse religious rites and history, even both are
very much interelated.  I have read - but who can prove it? - that Jesus was
born in September. And that Christmas, on December 25, was created the
official Christ birth day in the fourth century by the Pope of the time so
that it would coincide with other important Jewish rites (Hannuka) and
remain a low profile celebration... But then I am no expert!
> That may have become a tradition but the Bible indicates that almost 2 years
> had passed since Jesus' birth when the Wise Men got to Bethlehem.  By then
> the family was living in a house.  (Matt. 2:11) King Herod calls Jesus "the
> young child" not a baby (Matt. 2:8) And Herod ordered all the children 2
> years and under "according to the time which he (Herod) had diligently
> inquired of the wise men." to be slain. (Matt. 2:16)
> We also assume there were 3 Wise Men.   Really, we only know that there
> were more than one.  One wise man could have carried two gifts or a number
> of wise men could have given gold, etc.
> No names are ever given for them but they all came from the East (Matt.
> 2:1) presumably from the Babylonian area where records would have remained
> from the Jews living there during the captivity.  From these texts, the Wise
> Men were able to determine the meaning of the "star" .   There would have
> had to have been 3 different stars to lead each of them from the three
> different directions at the same time to rendevous in Jerusalem.  And then
> there is the problem of 3 different languages.  The representation of the 3
> continents is pure fiction that doesn't fit the Biblical text that
> specifically says they came from "the East" or make sense with Jewish
> history.
> Here's another idea....  It is not likely that Jesus was born in
> December.   Maybe in the fall??.  So a year and a half later around January
> 6th, the wise men could have come for their visit.   Then this date would
> fit in, but they did come from the East.   And being important people, they
> would have had servants, baggage animals, animal drivers, etc.
> Laurel
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>> [1]Tomorrow:
>> January 6
>> In 3 B.C.: Twelfth Night, The Three Wise Men, Kings, or Magi,
>> traditionally named Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar, and representing
>> Europe, Asia and Africa, bring gifts to the baby Jesus, twelve nights
>> after the birth. Traditionally the night is called Twelfth Night and

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