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Magi (Wise Men)

Subject: Mystic context, general comments re the Magi at the Advent; suggestions for own interpretation. (If anyone wishes to compare notes on interpretation send your ideas to me directly rather than clobber this list.)
I concur with most of your ideas but I see them all coming from Persia. There are problems with the context in scripture. For example the Star (Greek: aster; Hebrew: kowkab) is in the East but the Wise Men (Magi, from Persia: Zarathustrian) had to come FROM the East ...logically shouldn't the Star be in the West? One needs to research "star" in the Hebrew scriptures ...Day Star, Morning Star, etc. (Use Strong's Concordance, the others are inferior.) My approach to scripture is to view it, not as a historical thing (secondary) but as a mystery-writing where history is overlaid by a governing spiritual pattern. History and spiritual-cause are combined in a unified field but with cause driving the historical effect which is rarely understood anyway and is interpreted differently by the viewers. Start by trying to understand the causal patterns. The gifts set up the archetypal pattern of the Triunity.
I agree that there should be more Magis than only three; the "pattern" would call for 12 including women. However, whoever came up with the mythic three names understood the nature of the gifts; they correlate quite well. The Magis' three gifts create a pattern as a tri-unity generally called the "Flower of Life" or "Astara." This Sinclair list is not for getting into long metaphysical disertations so I'll just say that you would need to check the Hebrew (not Greek) to find out what the 3 gifts mean. Then, noting that the only gentiles mentioned at the Advent were Magis (Parsee priests) overlay the Zarathustrian spin on the gift interpretations done in the Jewish and Christian context.
I concur with your excellent idea of there having to be three stars (or perhaps constellations) but in one eastern astrological configuration. They would be resonant with the nature of the 3 gifts; effectively the gifts are the stars via the gentiles/Zoroastrian polarity in this whole thing. Assume that we have the basic triunity reflected in the three unified religions: Hebrew, Christian, Zarathustrian; we could easily create the 6-pointed Key of David, the more complete version of the basic Triunity pattern. The thing begins to build.
An example of the basic tri-unity format might be found in the large Astara earth grid: (1) Edinburgh Matrix with Rosslyn as controlling part; (2) Sintra as its complement; and (3) Rome. Without getting into technicalities the 3 "gifts" would correlate: Rosslyn: myrrh; Sintra: frankincense; and Rome: gold. A long winded interpretation is obviously needed but not here. I'd be interested in your thoughts.
Blessings Be...
Bill Buehler
Date: 6 Jan 2001 00:13:48 -0800
From: "Spirit One Email" <laurel@spiritone.com>
Subject: Wise Men

That may have become a tradition but the Bible indicates that almost 2 years
had passed since Jesus' birth when the Wise Men got to Bethlehem.  By then
the family was living in a house.  (Matt. 2:11) King Herod calls Jesus "the
young child" not a baby (Matt. 2:8) And Herod ordered all the children 2
years and under "according to the time which he (Herod) had diligently
inquired of the wise men." to be slain. (Matt. 2:16)
    We also assume there were 3 Wise Men.   Really, we only know that there
were more than one.  One wise man could have carried two gifts or a number
of wise men could have given gold, etc.
   No names are ever given for them but they all came from the East (Matt.
2:1) presumably from the Babylonian area where records would have remained
from the Jews living there during the captivity.  From these texts, the Wise
Men were able to determine the meaning of the "star" .   There would have
had to have been 3 different stars to lead each of them from the three
different directions at the same time to rendevous in Jerusalem.  And then
there is the problem of 3 different languages.  The representation of the 3
continents is pure fiction that doesn't fit the Biblical text that
specifically says they came from "the East" or make sense with Jewish
     Here's another idea....  It is not likely that Jesus was born in
December.   Maybe in the fall??.  So a year and a half later around January
6th, the wise men could have come for their visit.   Then this date would
fit in, but they did come from the East.   And being important people, they
would have had servants, baggage animals, animal drivers, etc.