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Re: Henry, Oak Island, and Florida

Dear Bruce, you and Rob and John have hit something of perhaps related
Sinclair interest if only for the appreciation that a number of authors have
tied in templar and Sinclair exploration into the speculation of what
occured on the Island.

Now many on the list may not be as familiar as we on the Oak Island Mystery,
but simply it is an island with a very deep pit dug into it, and the reasons
and origins of the pit have given rise to lots of mysteries and theories and
stories of buried treasure. The more popular theory was Captain Kids
treasure and there are no demonstrated evidenciary links that I am aware
with Sinclair history.

I have read a fair number of books on the subject and the mystery is real
and there is to my view some facts that I found rather remarkable putting
away the historical speculations and opening up the engineering books a bit.
The pit was dug in my observation by persons well educated in presures and
engineering and the pit sealing was to my mind designed by craftsmen
extremely intelligent and knowledgeable of water pressure, and tunnel
design, and soil. They certainly were well aware of what it took to keep
something securely buried, whatever it may be. I have not read  that
prehistoric indians may have designed this in any of the books on topic, but
pleasd further ignorance. However for it to last so long may suggest a date
less than 10k years in duration.

I applaud Rob's sentiments on keeping the site as public property if this
can be done. It, like any great story is a destination spot , it had
archelogical significance and should be treated with a degree of scientific
curiosity and questing for knowledge and not a place to bulldoze and
destroy. With a new government in Nova Scotia maybe we can hope. Think of
all the tourist dollars that have been lost for people of Nova Scotia.

Now two other questions. Where did the Oak trees come from that were not
native to Oak Island? And where do we get the Oceans at a considerably lower
level 10,000 years ago. And I suspect it took a great number of individuals
labouring to build this "money pit" and it took time to build. Who had the
required expertise? So for  all the visits to the Island (even the visits of
the 1700 1800 and on are of potential historical interest and the site
itself which is a mystery, here is to some preservation being needed.

Well while this Oak Island story as of today has little "Sinclair"
connection, I will give some support to the speculative histories that at
least point the way to the need for some scientific research in Nova Scotia
as to the Provinces interesting origins.

The early Sinclair link in Nova Scotia was something that Rory identified
earlier as the first Masonic Hall in Nova Scotia established at Annapolis NS
in the 1600's by yes a Sinclair. This is the "Sinclair Inn" under
restoration. And yes there are viking routes and a possible Vineland site,
and many good reasons for more study of trade and exploration routes in and
around Nova Scotia.

Evening Musings from Neil Sinclair Toronto

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