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Oak Island

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Neil Wrote: I have read a fair number of books on the subject and the
mystery is real

rc: 	Most certainly

NS: I have not read  that
prehistoric indians may have designed this in any of the books on topic, but
pleasd further ignorance.

rc: 	I'm not suggesting that the two are common source at all, but there is
demonstrated activity in the area - and trade with Latin America as
well...I'm looking for links that validate the Phoenician hypothesis because
there was certainly gold in the Gold River, which flows basically from New
Ross to Oak Island. I'm looking for evidence of 10 - 12,000 years of global
voyaging and contacts...Oak island may then fit in, but of course, maybe

NS: I applaud Rob's sentiments on keeping the site as public property if
can be done. It, like any great story is a destination spot , it had
archelogical significance and should be treated with a degree of scientific
curiosity and questing for knowledge and not a place to bulldoze and
destroy. With a new government in Nova Scotia maybe we can hope. Think of
all the tourist dollars that have been lost for people of Nova Scotia.

rc: The island is privately held by three landowners, maybe four if Triton
and Dan Blankenship formally split as a result of their court jousting...the
reason the public currently cannot access the island is a dispute between
Dan and the Department of Tourism, who have decided to wait this one out
till Dan and Triton settle...the Government knows that Oak Island may be the
biggest Tourism bonanza they may ever know...although they have great hopes
for the Debert site as well...

NS: Now two other questions. Where did the Oak trees come from that were not
native to Oak Island? And where do we get the Oceans at a considerably lower
level 10,000 years ago.

rc: I leave these to some better equipped to respond...and pray they do...

 NS: And I suspect it took a great number of individuals
labouring to build this "money pit" and it took time to build. Who had the
required expertise?

rc:	Most books now contain a list of current speculation on this
topic...most authors posit that if you evaluate this ability, The 18th
century British from Halifax are the most likely. I like the one where the
pit is the repository of Francis Bacon's original manuscripts of the works
of Shakespear...some of the UFO stuff is probably what's attracting the POS

	I personally suspect they'll find a battered pocket watch with the

"To Whitey, from the whole Wonderland crew"...

		blessings be,
 nova scotia

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