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RE: Henry, Oak Island, and Florida


Thanks for your comments, and for focusing the discussion on both the Pit
and the POS discussion list.
I might come acros defensive, but I was not respnding to your comments,
rather just explaining my experience on the POS list.

Frankly Rob, I like your ideas about the Money Pit.
The time scale back to 10,000 - 12,000 years takes things back quite a ways,
but it would fit into a number of ideas.
One, seas levels were considereably lower at this time(250 metres/700
feet)from memory; Oak Island would therefore be a high hill.  A suitable
place for construction, place of worship, defensive position.
The last ice age had finished and lands were receding agaist the expanding
Much of the evidence to support this would also be located on the old
coastlines, now well below current sea levels
I strongly contend that the Phonecians had sailed the world, could they have
inherited the idea form a predcessor.
Lastly, I read in quest magazine that satelite radar imaging had picked-up
an image of solid objects located on the floor of Loch Ness that resemble
Stone Henge in a circlar layout.  How long ago since Loch Ness was inundated
by the rising sea levels?

We tend to think that our history and lands are ancient, I tend to see both
as just the latest chapter of a long and exciting story.  Anyhow, enough of
this, back to Sinclair matters.

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