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Oak Island

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Hello All,

I was looking for something to watch on TV last night when I happened to turn to the PAX channel. They had a program detailing the History of the dig to uncover what is in the "Money Pit". I did not get the dates of the dig, but the period costumes used depict some time in the 1800's.

When they reached about the 50 foot depth they pulled up a flat stone with symbols etched into it. The moderator said that they were Coptic words which translate to English as, "below this point is buried 2000 pounds of gold". The stone itself was represented to have originated somewhere in Egypt as someone analyzed the rock structure. The next day they reached a layer of wood at the 60 foot level, but could not go past it due to daylight dwindling. They poked a steel bar through & hit another layer of wood 3 t0 4 feet below them. When they returned the next day a layer of clay had shifted & the shaft was flooded. The conclusion was that the designer of the shaft intended that to happen if it was disturbed as it was yards away from the Ocean.

Now my question for the historians in our family is if Prince Henry was thought to have ordered the Pit constructed where did the Coptic symbols come from? Could it be the tie in with the Templars? Would Prince Henry have learned the Coptic alphabet while on Crusade in the Holy Lands? Or is the whole thing an elaborate hoax?

Care to break your silence Dr Tim?

Best to all,

Geo. D. S. 

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