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Re: Vikings

This has been mentioned on the list before.  Orkney, the Shetlands, the 
Hebrides and Caithness were directly settled by Vikings and the Sinclairs 
with their own Viking origins came into Orkney and Caithness a little 
later.  I applied for this survey, as did Niven, but I never heard 
anything.  See our website for connections with Norway.

Yours aye



At 12:49 27/11/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I just picked up a copy of the Family Chronicle (genealogy magazine in 
>Canada) Nov/Dec 2000 which had the following acticle on page 4:
>Scientists are to take DNA samples from 2,5000 British men to find out how 
>many of them have Viking blood.  The research is aimed at finding out how 
>many Britons are descended from Vikings, and to answer questions that 
>still surround the settlement patterns of the invaders.
>Geneticist Professor David Goldstein, from University College London, will 
>lead the 15-month study.  The results will form the basis of a new BBC 
>television series next year, BLOOD OF THE VIKINGS.
>Vikings spread further and conquered more widely than the Romans, yet 
>little is known about their time in Britain and Ireland during the Dark 
>Ages.  The scientists will attempt to discover how many of the Vikings 
>stayed after raping and pillaging to make the British Isles their home.
>Rexdale, Ontario

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