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Augustan Society

> Hello again everyone,
> I received information and application form by mail today from the
> Society, based inCalifornia. Does anyone know about it? It was
> in1957 is a registered non-profit organisation, and specializes in
> interesting research, some on Scottish matters. Among others:
> Irish and English genealogy; heraldy, chivalry, crusades; germanic,
> and scandinavian ancestry; Hellenic-Roman studies; descents from
> and William the Conqueror; the Orders of St. John, of the Temple, of
> Lazarus; research on the Plymouth Colony and even genetic research.
> Augustan Society also maintains special interest groups such as the
> of Descendants of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, the Order of
> of Scotland and the Noble Company of the Rose. Their web site
address is:
> www.augustansociety.org
> Does any of youknow about it?
> Thanks.

Re the Augustan Society--they're an honourable bunch, with excellent
research facilities in all of the mentioned areas.  Used to be located
in Torrance, CA, but in recent years, thanks to a handsome bequest
from a member, have been able to move to a desert location, where they
have been able to expand their library facilities.  Many Americans and
not a few Canadians and Europeans have been able to use their
resources to further their knowledge and interest in things
genealogical, heraldic, and chivalric.  If you're into any of the
above-named topics, they could prove a very useful and enjoyable


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