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Re: My cousin ?

Dear Christine,
    Please join a genealogy society in Georgia.  If they are like our local society, you will find amongst their collections old genealogy records that previous members left there.   You will be able to access those and maybe find a clue.
Also I assume you have left messages in the Georgia State and county databases about your quest.  
   Messages that I left a couple of years ago are now being answered occasionally by new people and again we are finding gross errors in the Morrison book as concerns our branch in Wisconsin.
    People that are searching for relatives and are just lurking on this site, would do well to keep putting their information before us.  New people join us all the time and they might be the ones that can help you out. Jeff Inkster is a good example.  When he first told us about himself, I didn't know about Gordon Holmes' connection.  Then recently Jeff told us again of his quest and now perhaps he will get some more new information.
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Sent: Saturday, November 18, 2000 5:06 AM
Subject: My cousin ?

Greetings all,
  I had found my Boissy Sinclair wife of Jesse Carver Ware Co. Georgia. I am praying that after a long time what I found is correct. My information goes back further to Moore CO. North Carolina. Her mothers name was Elizabeth Mund and her father was a John Sinclair. Am wondering if Boissy was not a nickname that stuck with her and maybe she also was an Elizabeth. But once again that is where my trail ends, so the search is still on. I know I am missing some little something some where that is of vital importance and am begging for help from anyone that may know something. God bless lena she was going to try to help but havent heard from her in almost 2 months. I have an 85 year old uncle that keeps waiting for me to turn something up, as he say's sometime before he meets his maker. LOL I am so determined on this search that my family and I are moving to Georgia in about 2 weeks, and will go to see if I can find her burial site. Also research all libraries in Georgia and North Carolina. I am not whining but sometimes I feel very lonely on our Sinclair site. Did someone not tell me we were cousins when I first joined ? I can't remember who it was, but it seem's like it may have been John. My emotions are becoming ridiculous I can't even listen to the pipes anymore with out crying, whether it be happy or sad. This is so very important to me and I am still a novice, someone please help me.
                                                          Sincerly, Christine Carver