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Re: Mea Culpa, mea Culpa + gloassary

on 15/11/00 16:43, Tim Wallace-Murphy at tim@templartim.freeserve.co.uk

> I too find the whole PC scenario offensive - Political corectnesss is a form
> of Intelectual Fascism which not only uses a sledgehammer to crack a nut,
> but also seems to be used by the self appointed thought police in society to
> limit free expression. I happily acceed to John's request to abstain from ad
> hominem attackes, however I was blissfully unaware that I had made one...

No offense to John and Tim, but I'd like to hare a personal opinion (I hope
it is permitted - and please forgive m English, I am French and try to write
English as best as I can): I did not think that the « flaky » comment was an
insult to John Millar. I do not know the man's work but I know that the
Society Saunière is not to be entirely disregarded. This society does
research and, just like we do in this virtual discussion group, these people
(including Millar) raise questions, and look into unsolved mysteries and
other puzzling questions. One does not have to agree with any answer that
anyone suggests. The point is: debate and discussion is necessary. Also, I
do not think that one must have any kind of university degree (even though
it may help a good deal!) in history, archeology or medieval studies to make
valid discoveries. Many have happened by sheer coincidence, not even out of
curiosity : the recovery of the Dead Sea scrolls that could rewrite
Christian history is a good example; the intriguing (authentic yet still
unexplained) carvings in Mansonville, Quebec, that may (or not) have been
made by late XIVth or early XVth century Scots is another; even Abbé
Saunière's digging frenzy, whatever he discovered!, is yet another example
of one's simple capacity to recover lost or unimagined artefacts that have
priceless value. One thing is certain: discoveries are not necessarily
measured by the finder's competence. 
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