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Re: "Nothing to fear but fear itself"

    I remember you from messages long ago and wondered whether you were
still around.  Since then I have learned that Gordon Holmes of BC also
descends from William Sinclair of HBC  and I have copies of his research.
   You can contact him at   lafleur@home.com

     I also recognize the name Inkster as that of Julie Inkster the golfer.
Any relation?   She was a close friend of our neighbors, now deceased.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Jeff Inkster" <cheryl.jeff@sympatico.ca>
> I'm one of the long time "lurkers" in the group. :)
> Just a shot in the dark; anyone else here of Metis decent?  Specifically
> the Red River Valley settlement started by Lord Selkirk?
> Myself? I'm a descendant of William Sinclair through a marriage to an
> Inkster that came over with the HBC (Hudson's Bay Company).
> I do know that I'm a direct descendant of John Inkster whom created the
> "Seven Oaks Lodge" house (built in 1851) near the famous "Battle of Seven
> Oaks" that took place between the Northwest Trading Company (with Metis
> leader Louis Reil in 1816) and HBC in present day Winnipeg, Manitoba,
> Canada.

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