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Re: the fat lady refused to sing

Dear Lena,

What you or I or the rest of the world perceive the Austrian goverment to be
is immaterial.  The will of the people of Austria, for Austria that is the
important.  My father died fighting Nazis they disgust me. I still have no
right to impose my will on an apparently free and fair election.

I am British, if you consider that European.  I am not sure if it is. My
point is that the Americans, for all what I see as their constitutional
faults are an open society attempting to hold open, transparent elections in
the worlds third most populous country.  What other nation would be so open
about the faults of their electoral system? They are to be applauded.  It is
from the shores of that great nation that many of our republican ideals have
radiated. I have no desire to be American.  I am British by birth and
Scottish by the grace of God,  but God bless America and fill her land with
brotherhood from sea to shinning sea.

The comment about the king was sarcastic. But you do have a minority
goverment.  The fact that your governments disregard the referendums is poor
showing for democracy.

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