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Re: the fat lady refused to sing

labehotierre wrote:
> This
> European Union has
> ostracised a small nation (Austria) simply because the citizens of that
> nation elected a right
> wing government instead of a soft socialist one.

The point is that most of us - Europeans - does not consider that party
a "right wing" one but a NAZI one. And that's why there where sanctions
towards Austria not only by the European Union but also by other
countries around the world.

>  Everyone who is entitled to vote
> may also stand
> as a candidate to the decision-making assemblies.

Oh yes, in Sweden ALL citizen (with one exception) have the right to
vote..... in the US I think in some states they have taken that right
away from convicts and ex-convicts. If you have been sentenced to one
month in prison for lets say drunk driving at age 19 you are not allowed
to voted for the rest of your life..... is that fair??? We are all
humans and have the right to at an young age make mistakes, and
hopefully learn by them and still be considered as humans - at least I
think so.

> This of course does not apply when you “elect” your king.

We did not elect our king that is true, but in some sense we did as we
did pick his ancestor out by our selves.... and we did chose a non noble

And as the king of Sweden has absolutely no power what so ever, he is
the only Swedish citizen who doesn't even have the right to vote nor the
right to speak on political matter, it really doesn't matter that much.
He is just supposed to be some kind of "public relations man" for
Sweden, help Swedish Industry and such and be a kind of a face to the

It is at least a much cheaper system for us as taxpayers than the
presidential system. We never have to spend tax money on elections and

> you have referendums but they are only consultative referendums and were
> introduced in
> 1922. Since then, there have been five consultative referendums, the most
> recent one
> concerning Sweden's membership of the EU.

You failed to tell that the result of the referendum never has been
followed by the government..... yet (we are still waiting to see weather
they are going to shut the nuclear power stations down as promised or

> It appears that less than 22% of the
> Swedish people
> elected the current Prime Minster.

That is not true as the voters who voted for the left and the green by
there vote agreed to anything that their representatives agreed up on
with other parties or in Riksdagen. We knew from the beginning that when
voting for the left or the green there where not going to be a left or a
green prime minister but a social democrat. And in Sweden we do vote for
an ideology not a person!

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