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Re: XIIth century writer Chrétien de Troyes

Dear Jean

Very interesting.  I was unaware of any translation.  I would interested to
read it. The Department of Romance Languages at Princeton University in
America has a ongoing project. you can find it at
http://www.princeton.edu/~lancelot/.  Of the revisions of de Troyes work the
one cited by Charles Méla is the most readable modern French version.  How
faithful it is I am not skilled enough to tell.  I must defer once again to
Wallace-Murphy (Cher Tim, encore une fois cher ami que nous devons faire
appel à vous.)  Reading Wallace-Murphy writings make us know that we are
fortunate to have such an expert on this list.  I see why Niven admires him
so much.

The first quatrain from the Old French

1           Des que ma dame de Chanpaigne
2        Vialt que romans a feire anpraigne,
3        Je l'anprendrai mout volentiers,
4        Come cil qui est suens antiers

and from the Modern one version which was done in Paris in 1989 .

1      Du moment que ma dame de Champagne
2      Désire que j'entreprenne un récit en français,
3      Je l'entreprendrai très volontiers,
4      Comme quelqu'un qui lui appartient entièrement,

The old is a bit like trying to read middle English.

Francine est orateur français natif. Her prose style is lovely, abet a bit
different. Canadian !

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