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Re: XIIth century writer Chrétien de Troyes

on 12/11/00 03:08, labehotierre at labehotierre@wanadoo.fr wrote:

> Dear Sinclair,
>I did'nt quite understand what you meant (!!!), or is it someone else you are
talking about? : « Francine est orateur français natif (oui, ma langue
maternelle est le français!). «Her prose style is lovely, abet a bit
different. Canadian !»
How is it different? Funny you should say that!
Althouh French-Canadian by birth, I have studied both in English and French
universities. I consider myself perfectly bilingual.  My written English may
not be totally perfect but as a professional writer, my French at least
ought to be perfect! Thanks to my 81 year-old dad (who still remembers
ancient Greek from his schoolyears), I went through 4 very long years of
latin studies - it took me years to understand that one day I would consider
it all quite an advantage: it helps me write, read and understand all sorts
of words, documents and books.
> Sinclair

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