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Re: the fat lady refused to sing

The punch ballots used in Florida and elsewhere have been in use for many 
years eventhough a Federal election board recommended NOT using them back in 
1988. Apparently the chads may or may not come off when punched. It appears 
the Democrats want to recount and recount and recount the votes until they 
find some fuzzy math to make Mr. Gore the winner of Florida. 

I had better check my airline tickets to Ft. Myers to see if they have the 
same chads. 

Now we hear of packs of cigarettes given to the homeless in the inner cities 
of Wisconsin to prompt them to vote for the Democratic ticket. Gee didn't Al 
Gore give an impassioned speech in the 1996 race about the evils of tobacco 
and the effects of smoking on his own sister's health. No, I'm sure Mr. Gore 
had nothing to do with the cigarettes in Wisconsin, but does it not tell a 
lot about how the Democrats really think about their core base of voters.

Donald Sinclair of Indiana, the first state to go with Mr. Bush.
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