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To all my family members:

  I believe we should also be honoring all of the U.S. Service men and women that are serving now.
  Although they are members of the present and not yet members of the past, they are out there protecting us and our country while we are sitting home worried, angered and skeptical about this election fiasco. 
  May we please remember that it was only a few weeks ago that six members of our U. S. Navy lost their lives.  They are now "veterans".
  I received a letter that was forwarded through family channels from a man serving aboard a ship that was sent to  aid the USS Cole after it was bombed.  The news media has not exaggereated in the least the devastation of the ship and the crew.  I was not even halfway through the letter before I was in tears.
  Please remember this people are there to protect us and they should also be remembered.
  Thank you.
  Donna Willis

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