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Re: Thanks, Jean & questions

Hi Rebecca,
Nice to hear from you. There are photo albums around but most I beleive are simply family. I  know that I see a likeness in one of my cousins to the Raeburn painting of Sir John Sinclair, and Niven walks like  my Dad, whose first cousin he was. When I was about 12/13 I was told by a visiting relation that I looked the image of Charlotte Calder who was my Great Grandmother, and so the lines continue. Sinclairs are very frequently married to second and first cousins as you will notice as you go back into the geneology of the clan. It was as if they were determined to keep a strong gene pool alive.   It would be fascinating to run a study  of DNA on our lot.

Re the Templars - we have some material but in Australia, we don't have much access to original  or prime source. Different with the internet to help, but even so , I mainly try to keep my eyes on what Milamba is researching.  As she is my daughter and shares my home, we do talk a fair bit about that.  I am fascinated by them but more so by Prince Henry and the traces of Sinclair  history in Nova Scotia.

12 hour days - too long - what on earth do you do?


At 08:46 PM 9/11/00 -0500, you wrote:
Dear Jean,
Thank you for your response, and I apologize for the delay in replying.  I work 12 hour shifts and often have little time for the computer after I get home.
It is my hope to go to Scotland one day.  Even before I knew the little I do about my heritage, I always felt drawn to the landscapes, legends, and history of Scotland, particularly the medieval period.
I am very interested in reliable information regarding the Clan Sinclair's association with the Knights Templar and wondered if any of you shared that interest?
Is there a Clan Sinclair photo album anywhere?
Rebecca Snody