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Re: Information on Snody/Snoddy

At 15:06 06/11/00 -0500, you wrote:
Dear Niven and Iain,
Thank you for taking the time to share this information with me.  I am relatively new at genealogy, so I appreciate everyone's patience.
In reviewing previous posts I noted some discussion on genetic traits of the Sinclairs.  I, and all my siblings have varying shades of red hair as our father did.  Also all of us but one have very light green eyes; the remaining sibling has blue eyes.  Our skin is very fair.  My youngest sister and I have an identical cowlick that our father had as well.  It is at the hairline just above the right side of our foreheads.  I have a  somewhat circular, dusky pink-type birthmark that is under the skin just to the right of my left shoulder blade, and my youngest sister had a red birthmark on her thigh that faded to brown as she got older.  Oh, and I am left-handed as is my baby sister !  And all of us have a bit of a temper but are really softies inside.  :o)
I was wondering if there is any prevalent blood-type in the Clan Sinclair or Scots in general, as I have an Rh negative blood type.
Rebecca Snody

You qualify. The 'temper' bit clinched it.  Change your name back to Sinclair.