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Fw: America gu brąth

I can not help but forwarding this inspiring message from an American Clan Commissioner.  Sinclairs are born of stern stuff.  From the Chief to the common worker we stand in the light of freedoms day as long as we have men and women with such dreams. Whatsoever we beg of God, let us also work for it.
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Date: 07 November 2000 14:22
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Sinclair.....it's always good to hear from you.  It will be safe to say that *this* Sinclair family will vote today, as whenever given the opportunity.  I remember when our three kids were small and we were going on a trip.  Election day was the day that we had planned to leave.....and leave we did....*after* my wife and I cast our votes.  We made certain that the kids knew that we were slightly delaying our trip in order to vote.  We wanted the kids to *see* how important voting is. 
How we behave (what we do) is far more important than what we say.
I pray for our country and for God's blessings as we vote today.  We must have the proper leadership for our future.
Let freedom ring!   ......Yours Aye,

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In the United States of America today, my American cousins will be voting for a new Administration.  Americans have the right, duty and obligation to make their voices heard. It is the duty of a free man to keep his mouth open.
I pray that my American cousins, clear in mind, their hearts in the trim will vote their consciences.