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Re: William Douglas/Egidia Stuart

Hello Caroline; Everyone blends into my Sinclair line. I am almost dyslexic
trying to follow the royal lines as they weave in and out, but I think I
have a handle on them.
Egidia Douglas d/o the above marries William Earl of Orkney. Another Douglas
line from James' brother Archibald meanders into the Grahams and then
Elizabeth Graham marries George Sinclair.
My Sinclair line comes to the States in the form of John of Exeter. They
stayed in Exeter until my grandmother moved to NJ.
I further broke the sedentary mold by moving to Maui in 1989.
I've heard some talk about being able to trace Scottish Royalty back to
Biblical times , but haven't known what to make of it. Some theories really
get out there, so to say.
Back on Maui , they paved the roads going around the island , and Makena is
getting quite a few new houses built rather closely together. Considering
they cost a pretty penny, you'd think they would enjoy breathing.
I'm always happy for new names and places, and I would love to share and see
what others may have. Take care , Kevin

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