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Re: family seal

                       Niven                     thanks for your speedy reply. THe Sinclair seal I have is a shield dived into 4 segments,from the top L.H segment is a vikeing boat with a cenre mast & an furled sail and the faceing left. The top R.H. segment is a rampart lion,same as the botom L.H. segment ,both faceing the left. The botomR.H. segment is another vikeing boat the same as the the one above.There is a scroll around the shield with Commit Thy Work to God. On the top is the Sinclair Rooster faceing left.
                                               If you send me your snail mail adress I can send some impressions
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I have a Sinclair family seal which I inherited from my father, can a seal tell any one from which side of the Sinclair came from.
Yours Truly,
Ian C. Sinclair


I have details of all the crests, mottoes and coats-of-arms of the Sinclairs

If you can send me the details of your seal - an imprint, if possible - I'll see
what my books can tell me about the branch of your family.

You can contact me off-list if you prefer.

Niven Sinclair