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Steven Sora also says No Gunns On Oak Island

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Rob Cohn wrote:

>         Just spoke with Dan Blenkenship who is Oak Island...he said that
no item of
> anything bearing anything remotely resembling a shield, a Gunn Clan Shield
> or otherwise, is, or was ever discovered on his part of the Island.
> to the best of his knowledge, nothing of the like has ever been found on
> Fred Nowlan's section .

I contacted Steven Sora and asked about the shield , here is his reply :

"The photo in my book attributes the effigy of Gunn and shield to Oak
Island which was a mistake that (hopefully) is corrected in the next
printing. (My text was correct) The shield was found in Westford,
Massachusetts in or around 1940. No one knew what is was until a William
Goodwin poured wet chalk into the carving and was able to see the whole
design. In 1950 a TC Lethbridge (from the UK) corresponded with some
other experts including one whose field was heraldry. The effigy cannot
be dated".

Yes , Virginia there is no Gunn shield on Oak Island .

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