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Laura Zollo

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Hello All,

I have been away from the computer for a while & just finally caught up with reading the Digests in my mail box. During the celebrations @ Guysborough I was installing Skylights in my cabin in Deblois, Maine. While there I listen to CBC Radio 1 out of St John or Halifax & heard a very good interview of D'Elayne Coleman on the Subject of Prince Henry. It was a great interview.

I did make it to Westford for the reception for Laura. Mary Selver & crew did a fantastic job. My only complaint is that it was so brief. I understand schedules had to be met.
Laura & Captain Jack are intrepid sailors. I have been in the Atlantic aboard a Carrier & seen seas come over the flight deck @ 70' above the water line. It is not a fun place to be at times. I have a question as to what do they (Laura & Captain Jack) do next?

When I returned to work from the Italian Holiday a co-worker/friend stopped me in the hall asking me about Prince Henry. Seems Channel 7 in Boston on the Holiday had a graphics on the screen of the Nina with the news reader quoting a statement by Niven to the affect that Columbus was 100 years late. Looks like the work by The Prince Henry Society, Clan sinclair USA/Canada, & Niven is finally getting the attention of the so called Media. 

Back to reading the Digest or as some call it Lurking.

Yours Aye,

Geo. D. 

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